Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Aspiring Actress Sue Director For Video That Went Viral

Shoshana Roberts, and 24-year-old aspiring actress is suing the director of a advocacy group in the tune of $500,000, claiming they didn't have her written permission to air the video footage and use it for advertisement.

 She also mention was only paid  $200 to be filmed walking through the streets of Manhattan for 10 hours. Since the video has now become viral, Shoshana is looking for a bigger cut.  

According to the interview she did with The Post, 'I felt like crying and I have occurrences in my past of sexual assault, so I wasn’t even aware necessarily of all the times people were saying things to me. My question for her is if she was so uncomfortable, why did she continue to do it? At any point in the filming did she told them she wasn't comfortable doing it?

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