Thursday, July 30, 2015

"Extortionist" Pay Me $10,000 or Have Unprotected Sex With Me

Jamaica - What a brave soul. 

Ackeema  Blackwood, 25, a security guard from Yallahs, St Thomas is charged with extorting a female. 

He allegedly told the female he will leave her alone if she have unprotect d sex with him and pay him $10,000. 

The extortion started after the defendant and the plaintiffs relationship exacerbate. 

The plaintiff apparently told the defendant that she wasn't looking for a relationship but a friendship.

The defendant became obsessive with the plaintiff by texting her constantly. 

The plaintiff ask the defendant to seize communication and that's when the defendant started to blackmail the plaintiff. 

The plaintiff file a police report and that's when the defendant was arrested. 

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