Thursday, July 30, 2015

Shauna Chin, Gully Boo Fiancé Threaten To Sue Tony Matterhorn

Gully Bop fiancé is threatening to sue Tony Matterhorn for defamation after he referred to her has a "dog"

According to her "I have my music career now and he's slandering my name and my image! I have all rights to pursue a defamation of character suit. I am seriously considering this and have been in talks with my lawyer. I have nothing to do with all of this," she stated.

Tony Matterhorn also respond to the lawsuit
"Defamation of character? You (Chin) nuh have no character fi me defile. You are not an artiste, you only roll wid artiste. If you feel like a you a di only Chin inna the world then OK. How you know say a you me a talk? Is just a hype unuh a look. When since you turn artiste? Me done say wha me say and if you nuh like that, then go chuck off,". 

Doesn't seem has though she has much of a case considering this thing that we called freedom of speech. 

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