Saturday, August 29, 2015

34-Year-Old Caught Living With 15-Year-Old Charged "She Told Me She Was17"

A man is accused and charge with sexual assault, abduction of a child under 16, sexual grooming, and sexual intercourse with a person under 16. 

The accused is claiming that the teen lied to him about her age and her parents. However, Judge Ellis wasn't having him a scold the pedophile. 
"You can't be living with a child. How can you be living with a child? You are a grown man!" she scolded.
"I don't understand how an adult male can stomach living with a 15-year-old," she continued.
"She can't be your wife. What kind of function can she perform? What do you talk about?" Ellis asked further.
Before dismissing court she also told the man to "Go look your own age man, Jesam!"

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