Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Box Isn't Cheap. A Man Was Ordered To Pay For A Box He Gave to Another

A man who slapped a woman in her face during a dispute over soup at a party was ordered to fork out $30,000 for the “box”.

Ricardo Hall was ordered by Magistrate Wolf-Reece to pay the fine or serve 30 days in prison after he pleaded guilty to assaulting female in court on Wednesday.

Hall, before he was sentenced, told the court that he and the complainant were at party, which was being held by both of them, when she started complaining that he was sharing the soup and giving it only to his family members.

While she was there arguing, Hall said a friend of his came by and asked for a cup of soup.

But he said, ”The complainant box out the soup out of me hand and box it pon the lady and go round to the back so me go round deh and gi her one box.”

“What kind of box?” Wolf-Reece asked.

“Box inna har face,” Hall answered.

“Yes sir, talk the things,” the magistrate said amidst laughter from the court.

Hall continued by saying after he slapped the complainant in her face, “She a dress back and she drop and me go over her and say, you see whey you do”.

He continued, the complainant’s family members came on the scene and he walked away and “bare excitement” started.

The magistrate, after listening to him said, “Since is she ’cause’ it pay $30,000 for the box.”

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