Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ayoub El Khazzan "I'm Not A Terrorist, I Was Only Going To Rob Them"

Fail terrorist  Ayoub El Khazzan, claims he is not a terrorist and was only going to rob the people on the train. 

But who robs people with an ak47 and 300 rounds of ammo. 

Morocco-born El Khazzani, 26 doesn't seem to understand why his action is getting so much attention all over the word. 

Sophie David, his lawyer, told the Le Parisien newspaper "He can’t understand why this affair has generated such publicity,’ because he was only going to rob them.

He also denied the claims that he is a terrorist even though he was put on the terrorist list and had train and fight with ISIS earlier this year. 

According to his lawyer, he laugh when they categorizes him has a terrorist. 

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