Friday, August 21, 2015

Man Approach Crossdresser Tied Up And Raped

A man was raped in the New Kingston area by a group of men posing as women. They proceed to tied him up, robbed, and raped him
The incident happens on August 17 when officer at the St Andrew Central police division responded to a radio transmission of a robbery along Braemar Avenue. 
When police arrived at the scene, they discovered a nude man tied up at a gate with his feet and hands bound. 

The officers assisted the man to get loose before he was brought to the station to record his statement.
The victim was on his way from work and saw a group of women soliciting sex he went to them and he was overpowered and tied up, but not before they robbed, stripped him of his clothes and took him to nearby bushes and began to sexually assault him.

The police are currently investigating they also think there may be other victims who may be embarrassed to come forward. 

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