Saturday, August 22, 2015

Devastating Mother Of Teen Murdered In Denham Town Express Her Agony Over Losing her Daughter

The mother of the decease teen who was shot on Wednesday in  West Kingston community of Denham Town has opening up about her daughter murdered. 
Angela Smith, Jazikee Cole mother has this to say about ther daughter after hearing the news she was shot and killed. 

"Why my daughter? Why my angel? She not in war or mix up, she’s just a jovialchild,”
Reports reaching the news is that  Jaziknee Cole was caught in the crossfireduring a shoot-out between rival gangs in the community, however the Constabulary Communications Unit are reporting she was the target of the attack.

The teen was reportedly walking along Tulip Lane in the community when two gunmen walked up to her and shot her several times. 

She was pronounced dead at hospital.

Smith mom is also hoping the bloodshed will stop after her daughters death. 
She added,?“Mi want all the foolishness done. It ah gwaan too long. Mek  my child be the last to die"

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