Friday, August 14, 2015

Foota Hype Respond To His Douchebag Behavior With A Douche Respond

Foota Hype has respond to the video in which he embarrassed a 17-year-old girl. 

In his post on social media he defend his action All when mi do good them still a cuss mi. Dah girl mawga to an extreme and mi buy her some groceries inna di dance fi help her put on likkle weight".

He continued his ignorant post with "And fi all who love comment and chat and never deh a Day Rave Thursday, di girl get her groceries and her money too and this no new to dancehall, a years from Passa Passa and Dutty Fridays time. Dancehall mean drama, excitement and a bag a tings so God go wid who no like it. Some a unu just chat too much and go si di mount a skeleton weh inna fi unu closet."

A douche respond from a typical douche. 

His it excitement with the other party is not enjoying it? Judging by her facial experience she doesn't seem to excited about being embarrassed.  

Has he ever considered this young lady may have had some form of eating disorder? 

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