Saturday, August 15, 2015

Gully Bop Vs. Chronixx

Lately Gully Bop has been in the media for all the wrong reason. 

When he isn't arguing with Matterhorn, Nuffy and Heavy D he target fellow artiste Chronixx. 

Gully Boo and Chin continues to feel the wrath for a comment that he made regarding Chin and her visa issues. 

In an interview he did asking the U.S. Government to reinstate Chin visa he also drag Chronixx into the mix which didn't go over well with his fans. 

Earlier this year President Obama visited Jamaica, during that visit Chronixx called President Obama a waste man and Gully Bop took it upon himself to make a comment about the artiste calling him a "careless artist". 

That's when Chronixx fans came to his defense and ask Bop to keep Chronixx out of his "begging". 

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