Saturday, August 22, 2015

Gunman Shot Dead, Two Others Taken Into Custody

After engaging in a shoutout with police last night, one of four robbers was shot and killed. 
At 11:00 am last night, members of the Highway Patrol responded to a call from a motorist that he was robbed along the Bogue Gate section of the North Coast Highway, near Falmouth.

After spotting the motorcar, the police signaled the car to stop but the driver disobeyed the signal and continue onwards. 

The officers chase after the driver until the  vehicle was intercepted at the intersection of Newton and Cornwall Street and that's where a shoot-out took place when the men got out of the vehicle and started opening fire. 

With assistance from Falmouth Police Station one man was shot after running towards the Falmouth fishing beach. 

Two weapons was located on the deadman who has not been indentured. 
The other three robbers are currently behind bars up to last night. 
One of the robbers were held after turning up at the Falmouth General Hospital for treatment due to his gunshot wounds. 

He was immediately taken into police custody  after he was treated at hospital and released.
The two other gunmen was found hiding behind a concrete wall they were also taken into custody.

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