Monday, August 10, 2015

Is Nicki Really Pregnant or She Is Trying To Draw Attention From Drake & Meek Mills Fued?

Is she really pregnant or this is another ploy for attention?

After calling Meek Mills her "baby father", Nicki Minaj hasn't deny that she is pregnant. She continue to fueled the rumor that she is pregnant by retweeting one of her followers tweet congratulating her. 

@Jack_Minaj tweeted, “congratulations on the baby news! So happy for you,”. Minaj retweeted the message with 13 baby emojis “tears of joy.”

A few weeks ago she made an announcement that she wasn't going to have  a child until she is married. So it seems odd that she would annoys a pregnancy now even though she is still not married. 

Could this me a ploy to draw attention away from Drake and Meek Mills feud in which Meek is being destroyed. 

Rumor has it Drake is working on another diss track so it doesn't seem surprise that she is trying to do something to distract the fans from the feud. 

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