Monday, August 10, 2015

LA Lewis Insert Himself In Tony Matterhorn Transvestite Scandal

LA Lewis is trying to stay relevant by bashing dancehall selector Tony Matterhorn. 

Some how he insert himself into the scandal regarding Matterhorn and the Transvestite. Last Wednesday he post a video on social network called "Tony Matterhorn is a real gay". 

According to LA Lewis, carefully inspected and authenticated a photograph of Matterhorn and two alleged cross-dressers. 

"Matterhorn leave outta the middle a di dance, go inna a private corner wid two man wah dress up like woman, hug dem up, dem hug him up back. One a dem a rub down him buddy and have him hand pan him (Matterhorn's) chest and one a pinch him up, and Matterhorn ago tell me say him straight?,".  

Considering he wasn't there when the photo was taken, those are some serious allegation. 

Matterhorn respond to the allegations by LA Lewis by saying he is looking for attention. 

"Obviously, him do that fi get a hype, but me nah give him no hype," said a furious Matterhorn.

Check out the video:

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