Saturday, August 15, 2015

Lisa Hyper Fine In Assault Case

Yesterday former Gaza member Lisa Hyper was fined $27,000 by Magistrate Simone Wolfe-Reece when she appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate Court. 

The 27, year-old artiste pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and common assault after an altercation on July 2, with Anna Kay Hamilton. 

Both were charged for the altercation which occurs in Stony Hill, St. Andrew. They were also charged with rowdy behavior and the use of expletives towards the arresting police officers. It is also being reported that both females spit on each other. 

During her court appearance, Lisa Hyper real name Felicia Gooden, the Hamilton friends provoked her while she was having a hard time. 

"My father had a mental breakdown, and I had a nervous breakdown. I was provoked to wrath"

The judge didn't take too kindly of her reason for the altercation. 

Wolfe-Reece told her that "I can't understand what is happening to the women in our country. We are in crisis mode, you are going to risk a judge sending you to prison."
She continued her frustration by stating "if I go outside and ask all the persons having a rough time to come forward, everyone would. You behave as if you people have a right to behave anyhow, not even in the police station. We are in a crisis, nobody can make these decisions whether you are going to be a lady or a woman. No lawyer, nobody can make that decision for you. The only thing I can do is send you to prison and when the judge sends you to prison, people say the judge is wicked."

They were both fined $25,000 each or three months in prison for assault and another $2,000 each or 10 days for disorderly conduct. 

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