Saturday, August 8, 2015

Nuffy Opens Up About Gully Bop, Himself, Heavy D & Miss Chin AndWhatHappens Between The Four Of Them

Entertainer Andrew "Nuffy" Nelson has opened up about the drama surrounding himself, Gully Bop, Miss Chin and Heavy D.

Earlier this week Heavy D announces that they will no longer be doing promotion for Gully Bop.

After the announcement, there were allegations between both parties. Heavy D accused Gully Bop of doing drugs and Gully Bop accused Heavy D of robbing him.

Miss Chin has come to the defense of Bop and deny the drug allegation.

Nuffy has finally relayed his side of what happened, he also dish some other information about Bop and Chin lifestyle.


According to the entertainer, bop was gossiping about Heavy D and disrespect him and he didn't like it. 


He also claims that Miss Chin is stealing his money and the car that she apparently brought for him last year was rented. 


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