Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Rachael Dolezal 2.0 Shaun King, White Man Pretending To Be Black Outed.

First it was Rachel Dolezal, now Shaun King is the second individual to be outed has a white man claiming to be black. 

Shaun King is the activist for The Black Lives Matter Movement who pretend to be black but is actually a white man who also received a scholar from Oprah to Morehouse College, which are only given to black men.

In pass interviews, King has claimed that his father is black and his mother is white and Irish decent. However, his birth certificate shows that both his parents are white.

His has respond to the controversy through Twitter saying that "Out of LOVE for my family, I've never gone public with my racial story because it's hurtful, scandalous, and it's MY STORY.'  

He didn't deny or confirm whether the allegations are true. 

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