Sunday, August 23, 2015

Safaree Samuels Discuss His Roots In Jamaica, Nicki Minaj & More (OnStage Video Included)

Safaree SAmuel recently sat down with Winford Williams in Jamaica to discuss his Jamaican roots, his ex-Nicki Minaj and what influence him to pursue music. 

From the interview we learn that Samuels was born in the U.S. to Jamaican Parents. He spend his childhood between the U.S. and Jamaica. 

He also talked about how he got involved in music. 

According to the rapper, his father influence him after watching him keep shows and clashes. 

He then went on the discuss his famous ex-Nicki Minaj and his involvement with her career and how it got started. 

Their relationship started when Nicki was apart of the group he was in. One year into the group their relationship became personal, he became her hype man after she asked him and their personal relationship developed. 

It must be tiresome to constantly be asked about your ex since both parties have clearly moved on but Safaree was completely professional and honest during the interview. 

While discussing m his past relationship when Nicki he did admit "it was a great relationship" but has she became a mega superstar he ego became big has well and it was driving a wedge between their relationship. That's when he realizes that it was time for it to end and walk away. Something that Minaj didn't take too kindly. 

Check out the Video Below. 

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