Friday, August 21, 2015

Tony Matterhorn Once Again Respond To Gully Bop, His Fiancé & His Old Rival Bounty Killer

In the latest interview with Tony Matterhorn, he once again respond to gully Bop, his girlfriend and continuously rival Bounty Killer. 

He refused to apologize to Chin. According to the selector, they bothered him first.  At one point he refer to her has a dog by saying he Google a dog name Chin and a lot of Chin show up.

He then proceed to respond to Bounty Killer. According to Matterhorn, he doesn't talk to Bounty Killer based on something he had done. Bounty had disrespected ms several years ago, Matterhorn said he was offended because he thought they were friends.

The selector also has this to add in respond to Bounty Killer calling him ungrateful. 
"Bounty yaa wicked. A me make a lot of the international links fi you. A me sell Bounty Killer to the world. A me make people start like Bounty. Bounty say me write one song for him and that is a lie. Him help my career and me help his career,"
He continued. "Me help build him career so me woulda rather someone me never know diss me. After me help hold up your career, you a try diss me? Me tek that personal. It come like you hate me long time. You a wicked,". 

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