Friday, August 28, 2015

Vanessa Bling And Tiana Feud Over Kranium.

Dancehall artiste Tiana and Vanessa Bling reported to be fighting over Kranium. 

Vanessa Bling is supposedly dating/getting married to Kranium. They even did a song together called future guaranteed. 

Tiana did a counter action of the song title "No Future Guaranteed" according to Tirana, bling is bragging about a man (Kranium) who is being unfaithful  to her.  

“There are certain things that have to be left unsaid, but it is a counteraction to Gaza Slim because no future is guaranteed with a man that has cheated on you. Because once he has cheated on you, that means that you cannot hold your man and there are other things out there that has his attention,” 

Tiana didn't deny the allegation that they are feuding only added more suspicion to the rumors. 

“We are not speaking and you can read between the lines of the song because the counteraction says it all. As it relates to Boom Boom’s comments, people have their own opinion and are free to express themselves. My point is that you cannot be bragging about a man that is constantly cheating,” 

However, Vanessa Bling camp has this to say about Tiana. 

“Wi nuh know nobody name suh. Who name Tiana? We only know about Vanessa Bling song Future Guaranteed and she was talking about relationships in general,” 

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