Sunday, August 16, 2015

Woman Bite Matey Finger Charged

31-year-old Kerry-Ann Browne of Red Hills, St Andrew, was in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court last week for biting a woman on her little finger while confronting her about having an affair with her fiancé. 

The defendant was attacked after the plaintiff saw her sitting in the front seat of her fiancé taxi. Browne was arrested and charged with unlawful wounding.

Report are that the incident occurs due to a“please call me text” sent by the complainant to the taxi man’s phone around midnight. However, it was Brown who had the phone at the time the message was sent.

The fight, occurred on June 14, on Chancery Street in St Andrew.

According to the complainant’s, on the day of the incident, she took the taxi from Red Hills, On reaching Chancery Street. Brown came up to her and said, “How yuh say yuh and me man nuh deh?” and started accusing her of having an affair with the taxi driver.

An argument ensued and the complainant pointed her finger in the accused face and was bitten on her little finger.

On Thursday when Brown appeared in court, she told Magistrate Simone Wolf-Reece that the complainant had called her phone on the day in question and threatened and “styled” her.

Brown also told the court that she had reported the complainant to the police.

“How she style you?” magistrate asked.

“She call and say ‘hey ediot gyal you think say me fraid a you’,” Brown explained.

Wolf-Reece then asked her, “Do you accept that you are an ediot gyal?”

“No, that was not what cause the fight,” Brown said.

Brown then told the court that on the morning of the incident she had planned to visit her son’s school to drop off some papers, but realised that she had left them in her companion’s car. As a result, she said when she got to Chancery Street she saw the car and noticed that the complainant was sitting in the front seat.

“I ask her to come out for me to take out the papers, and when she was coming out she hit me in my face with the door, and we ended up in each other face,” Brown said.

“When I realised that her finger was in my mouth is when I taste the blood in my mouth,” she added.

The magistrate then asked Brown what was the issue between her partner and the complainant and she replied,

“The two of them have an issue.”

“She and your fiancé have an issue: you up in your fiancé’s face?” Wolf-Reece asked.

“Yes Your honor “Brown quickly answered.

The magistrate then asked, “You bite you fiancé on his finger?”

“No ma’am.” Brown replied.

She then told the court that despite having previous confrontations with the complaintant about her partner, she still continues to take his taxi and uses him to transport her two children to and from school.

“Is he the only taxi in that area,” the Magistrate asked, to which Brown replied, “No.”

“You know why he is still picking up her and her children? Because he wants to” Wolf-Reece told Brown.

Added the magistrate, “Being up in her face is not going to help you, and you know if I choose to send you to jail for this you know who and him are going to be out there.”

But Brown in her defence told the court that she did not have a problem with the complaint and her partner.

“I have a problem with her calling my phone at certain hours at night,” she said.

However, Wolf-Reece told her that there was a simple way to solve that problem, “Turn it off.”

Brown was subsequently asked to pay $10,000 or serve 10 days in jail.

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