Sunday, August 23, 2015

Woman Injured After being Forced To Fly Plane

A airplane crash today in Spain leaving one woman with serious injury.

The passenger was forced to fly the plane despite having no flight experience because the pilot lost consciousness and died. 

The woman suffered burns and multiple contusions. 

A spokesperson for the airport said "He died, possibly before the accident, during the flight," 
Spanish media reported that the man and woman were married.

"The woman kept flying, she did not know how to fly, so they guided her from the control tower to see if she could control the plane until landing it at the airport," 

Emergency services, a helicopter, and a plane were also dispatched guide the plane down.
In a recording released online, a traffic controller could be heard telling the woman "The plane can fly without any problem. Don't worry the plane is not going to crash,". 

He added, "Don't worry you are going to land without any problem," he then ask her for the plane altitude. 

According to Spain's airport authority AENA, the plane crashed about three kilometres (two miles) short of the beginning of the runway at Seville airport during the attempted landing, 

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