Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Woman Pleads Guilty To Swindling

A Jamaican woman has been change with swindling. 

Peta-Gay Road, 24 was charged with swindling $200,000 Jamaican dollar for a U.S. Visa. 

She plead guilty to the charges at her recent court appearance to obtaining money under false pretenses. 

During her appearance she told the judge everything that she did was a lie. 

“Everything was a lie, I was going through a rough time. It doesn’t justify what I did,”. 
The judge proceed to ask her about the woman's money. 
Judge Ellis “Where is her money?” 
Roach: “I have it,” 
The judge also added “Everybody knows who give visa, the last time I check, Why do you think this lady can give you the visa?”

She admit to receiving a embassy date. 

The judge who wasn't having it, has this to say about her
“You know that it was bandulu. If I was in the civil court you would never get back a dollar. You don’t deserve to go nowhere. You were aiding and abetting to break the law,” “I have no sympathy for you. Everybody trying to circumvent the system.”
“Don’t give Jamaica a bad name,” 

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