Sunday, August 23, 2015

You Think Your Neighbors Are Bad, South Korea Use Loud Speaker ToAnnoyed North Korea

You think your neighbors are bad, they can't be has bad has North and South Korea. 

Thea two countries have the world's longest continuing war. 

They have been arguing for more than 60 years and there isn't any sign of either side ever calling a truce. 

They use all types of method harassing  techniques to remind each other that war is annoying. 

The South is currently using Loudspeakers to harass and annoyed North Korea who has threatened to retaliate and start another war. 

According to reports, South Korea is using the loudspeakers to blast K-pop, weather reports and anti-North Korea propaganda across the border. 

Both side are currently in discussion on how to resolve the recent situation and the future development of the relationship between South and North. 

Discussion was supposed to continued into Sunday, Korea Standard Time. 

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