Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ex-Boyfriend Wanted For The Murder Of Shanice Watt (Image Inside)

Last month the 23 year old decomposing body was found dumped in Salts Spring, Montego Bay

According to Residents,  they heard screaming and crying in the early morning hours but were too scared to investigate the noises. 
The victim went out to meet a male companion hours before she was killed.
Her ex-boyfriend Tavare "Larry" Holmes also called Ricky Birdy is under suspicion and is wanted in connection for her murdered. 

Apparently the suspect was over heard looking for shover and picka to dig hole.
A witness who lived close by heard them arguing in the evening. 
It is also being reported that the accused send a voice note to his cousin telling him that he and Shanice got into a verbal argument, which became physical. 
According to the voice note, she diss him so he dismantle her, choked her and shoot her in the head.  

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