Saturday, September 12, 2015

Facebook Hate Group: Jamaican Vs. Haitian Pt. 2 <(Link Included)

Most of you, probably already took a look at the hate group that I post in our previous article. Today I work up to a bunch of post from the Facebook hate group. What I realized is that, they group has currently gotten out of control and something needs to be done. 

 A hate group is an organized group of people who are calling for hatred against certain racial, ethnic, gender. It support the agitation and pin groups against other groups or individuals. The hatred against 
one another usually passes through certain stages of development for example verbal argument can eventually turns into physical violence. 

The Haitian

Let's pay attention the the Haitian. They seem to have a dislike for the Jamaica and Jamaican. While not all Haitian are like that a few is, Regine Augustin, Cathie Labonte are two out of the many that display their hatred towards Jamaican. They have never actually given any specific reason has to why they can't tolerate them except, they smoke weed are they are just ugly. 

The Jamaican

The Jamaican can be just has bad has the Haitian. They have said some hurtful things towards the
Haitian especially when it comes to the earthquake. 


It's beyond me why Facebook hasn't delete the group. The group name itself promote a form of separation between numerous countries what's even worst is that you have people threatening each other over som silly childish post. 


Currently the war is between Jamaican and Haitian. Guyana, Trinidad and other Caribbean groups are staying out of it.


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