Friday, September 25, 2015

Foota Hype Makes Fun Of Vitiligo Model Winnie Harlow

The insecure ones always that the most to say. 

Foota hype clearly hasn't learn anything after suffer a stroke earlier this month. 

He is back to his arrogant ways. One day after the announcement that his ex-girlfriend Ishawna  cause a uproar on social media by posting a sonogram photo, it's Foota Hypes turn to steal the spotlight. 

Last night he posts a photo of model Winnue Harlow in his page with the caption "what color is she?" Clearly she is black but suffered from a skin disease called vitiligo. 

Some fans and critiques critiqued the selector for is ignorance and lack of intelligent for posting such stupid question while some defend his action by  stating "it's just a question". 

Either way Foota have a history of being an ass and not even a stroke is going to change that.  

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