Sunday, September 27, 2015

Khadejah Reid, Gage Groupie Admit To Him Being Her Child Father, Gage Refused To Take Responsibility (Photo Below)

Is she or isn't she pregnant for the deejay?

One day after accusing us of lying and spreading rumors about her being pregnant with Gage child, it turns out Reid is the one who wasn't being truthful. do i see a defamation lawsuit coming?

After denying that she is pregnant with dancehall artist Gage child, Reid confirm to MET that the artist is indeed her child's father. 

Reid who goes by the name of Chin on the forum, confirm that she is carrying a child for the artist.

According to her, they don't get along and he's not acknowledging the child.

Supposedly they were in a relationship which is ironic considering last November he was busy roaming Molynes road with another female. Just saying.

Either way she seem to be getting the groupie threaten deejay.

Still he needs to take care of his responsibility if the child is indeed his, considering that she denied the accusation yesterday.

She also denied ever being in a relationship with Tommy Lee (roll eyes)

Photo Source MET
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