Monday, September 14, 2015

Is Black Ryno Still Sign To Vybz Kartel Label?

Earlier today a Twitter war developed between former Portmore Empire artist Black Ryno and JA Production boss Justus Arison over termination of Ryno recording contract with Arisons label. 
Both Ryno and Justus throw insult at each other. Ryno has the following to say about his former boss. 
"Justus smoke too much... and figet fi link him artists dem,breda yo stop taking my calls and stop call mi breda," 
Arison shot back at Ryno, saying: "One a dem ppl deh u do the most for and dem nah do nutn fi dem self so when dem mash up dem life and down and out dem blame yuh #mawgadog".
The dispute started when Ryno request that Arison not release the album, Better Tomorrow on the JA Productions label. Ryno apparently does not see a better tomorrow with JA Productions in the picture.
"He called me saying that he wanted to terminate the contract now. He can if he wants, as I am not holding him back, but the album is a good one. I have invested a lot of time and money into it, so I will be releasing it soon," said Arison 
Ryno, who signed a four-year contract with JA Productions a year ago said the contract was invalid because he is still signed to Kartel label. 
"He told me recently that he is still signed to Vybz Kartel's label, and if that's the case the contract between me and him is void. I am still putting out the album, I will be putting it out next weekend, and it will be free on the Internet," 

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