Monday, September 7, 2015

Jamaica Pilot Who Was Locked Up In Qatar Could Be Lying (Legal Documents Inside)

The Jamaican Pilot who was locked up in Qatar could be lying about his conviction. 

Legal papers have been release showing that the pilot. 

The pilot 40-year-old Jamaican pilot, Paul Stephens was locked up in a Qatari prison for close to three years for alleged sexual molestation of a minor. 

The victim was a family friend. He was ask to babysit the child, when her mother was called to work.

When the mother returned from work, the 14-year-old child started "acting up". She later found out her daughter was molested. 

The mom made a report, and the victim identified her molester which turns out to be the pilot. 

The pilot was convicted and his appeal where denied.   

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