Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Macka Diamond Entourage Busted For Theft Has Various Dancehall Female Members Deny Their Involvement.

Dancehall artist Spice, Vanessa Bling and Pamputae has denied that a member of their entourage was busted for stealing.

Spice was the first to respond to the accusation by informing the blogger to get their story correct. 

“I guess you are gonna block me after this, but why don’t you get your story straight before selling it to people? And why do you have up my picture with this story, may I ask? I don’t run certain joke. So please take down my picture and get your story straight, and put up the picture of the person who stole the computer or the artiste who brought those men over there because I don’t even know them,” 

In an interview with The Star, Vanessa Bling also discuss her dismay. 

I believe in God and I trust him and put him first. I can vouch for every member of my team, there were a lot of female artistes in St Kitts and each of us had our own team members, therefore, I ask that you check your facts before pointing fingers. I am currently in the US doing my other shows and my entire team is homesafely,” 
Pan purse also respond to the accusation. 
"Mi see the picture weh dem put up and mi waah that fixed up. Yu see my lane, nuh truck nuh inna my lane suh mi stay inna mi lane. Mi nuh red eye enuh, and yu see that stealing thing deh, a nuh my style dat, yu zimi. Dem have it twisted,” 
While all three artist denied their unto urge involvement, Macka Diamond wasn't has straight forward. She has no idea if someone in her entourage was involved because at the time of the incident she was asleep. 
"I don’t have a clue what is going on, I was the last to leave the hotel because I was sleeping. I am just working off hearsay right now, but I cant say much because I havn’t received the real details as yet. One person is my road manager, but it wasn’t him as far as I know,” 

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