Friday, September 11, 2015

Mavado Manager Held On To Gully Bop Performance Fee

Suda Joy is accusing Movado manger of holding on to Gully Bop money. 

The drama started last weekend when Mavado and Gully Bop were to perform Philadelphia. Upon arrival, Mavado manager gave Bop the performances fee. 

Gully Bop who wanted to go to the mall gave  the money back to Mavado manager to keep. Due to the fact that police shut down the event making Gully Bop unable to perform, Mavado manager didn't return the money  back to Bop, this according to Suda Joy who is touring with Bop. 

Suzan or Suda Joy is also the same individual who was named in a lawsuit with Bop, Chin and three others for Breach Of Contract, Fraud, Conspiracy to Breach Contract and Defamation of Character and more.

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