Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Nuffy "Gully Bop Is Incompetent In The Bedroom" According To Shauna Chin

Nuffy is dishing the deeds on Gully Bop and Shauna Chin relationship. The MC had a lot  to say about the two entertainers.

He started off by saying Shauna Chin is only in relationship with Bop for his money. 

Whether it's true are not Chin has denied every allegation Nuffy made. 

Regarding Chin and Gully Bop relationship this is what Nuffy has to say. 

"She tell me say him have ‘junjo’ pon him teeth, so she nuh want him. But because she realise say she can make a money off a him, she run go start kiss him up. Gully Bop teeth have three colour – brown up a the top, yellow inna the middle and brown a the end. Which sensible woman wudda kiss a man like that?,” lol 

On the topic of Chin and Gully Bop bedroom activities, according to Nuffy, he is incompetent in the bedroom. 

“She come and tell me say him impotent, say him sum’n caan lift up. She say it big, but it dead. A me haffi show her which pill fi buy. A me tell her bout Viagra and Stud 100,”

On her accident in which she got seriously injured

"Chin had called Gully Bop asking for money to go to Montego Bay, but that he was skeptical to send any because he was hearing things about her"

He went on the credit himself by calling Gully Bop a Flop because he is no longer to help his career. 

“How we fi deh a farin and have nutten fi do wid dem accident? You nuh see say dem fool fool? Dem a ginnal. Gully Bop is now Gully Flop because a me help you wid your career,” 

Has usual Chin denied the accusation. 

"Nuffy  a gwaan like him inna bed wid me when me and Bop a dweet. Nuffy too lie. A publicity him a look. Stop worry bout me and Bop relationship because we nah worry bout you,” 
She also added Nuffy was the one who was hooked on ‘sexual pills’.

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