Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Red Rat Respond To Snubbing Mr. Vegas (Videos Included)

Red Rat has responded to the controversy between him and Mr. Vegas. 

in Sunday at the Irie Jam event held in Queens, NY, Red Rat was caught on stage, Vegas was snubbed by Red Rat.

According to the video, Red Rat was performing when Vegas who was expected to perform next was seen on the stage. 
Vegas reached out to Red Rat for the microphone but Red Rat flashed him off and walked away before introducing another act. 
Mr. Vegas stood there with his arm wide stretch before walking to the back of the stage.
Red Rat later exited the stage. Mr. Vegas who never left the stage asked Red Rat if he was there to do music or war.
According to Red Rat, Mr. Vegas grab is hand and since they are not friends he flash Vegas hand off him. 
It seems has though both artist have been feuding for som time. 
 Video of incident

Video of Red Rat response

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