Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tacky: Mr. Vegas Promote Album While Discussing Pedophiles (Video Inside)

Dancehall entertainer Mr. Vegas can't seem to mine his own business. He always find himself commenting on his fellow entertainers mishaps. 

In his latest video he discusses pedophiles while promoting his new album. 

Choosing this specific topic can't be a coincident, since fellow entertainer Barrington Levy was recently accused of being  a pedophile. 

The video started with him blabbing and promoting himself. He eventually went on to the subject at hand, pedophiles. 

During the video he made some great points such has having these pedophile investigated whether they are celebrity are not. 

At one point he even touch on the subject at Bill Crosby who was also accused of being a sexual predator. 

Has the video progress he started talking about another irrelevant story about himself until he finally got  back to his previous topic. 

Click here for video. 

Pedophiles and sexual predator are serious issues all over the world. Victims of sexual predators should seek help and report it immediately. 

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