Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Abducted Photographer Still Missing, Family Put Together Search Team

Missing photographer Nicketa  Thomas who has been missing since last Monday family put together a search party in the hopes of finding their love one. 

They a searching for people with any information about the missing photographer who they believed was abducted. 

Everton Thomas is pleading to the public for help "We are just asking people to gather, we will be handing out flyers, and we will be asking people if they have seen Nick or heard anything, to give us information. Everyone has been affected by Nick and Dwight's disappearance. We have requested the presence of the police as well. 
He also shed some light and how Nicks mother is doing after her son disappeared. 
The past week has been a gruelling one on all family members, especially Nick's mother.
"She has high blood pressure so we have to be closely monitoring her health, she went back home yesterday to get in contact with her church," 

Anyone with information on Nick whereabouts is asked to contact the nearest police station. 

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