Monday, October 19, 2015

Gully Bop Robbed In Europe, Said He Won't Be Going Back (Video)

Here we go again, how unfortunate is Gully Bop?

Since he became famous, he has accused numerous management, labels and promoters of robbing him. We are starting to think that these so called people who are robbing him is not the problem but the people he has managing him.

The deejay who shot to stardom last year after being homeless for a period of time, has come out on numerous am occasion that he is being robbed by promoters. 

In his latest interview, he accused Europe promoters of robbing him of his money. 

According to the artist, who has been on tour in Europe for the last few weeks, complained that he wasn't getting much if any paid while he was there performing. 

He went on the say that has much has he love the country, he won't be going back because he makes more money in Jamaica than he did while in Europe.  

The deejay seems to have a problem with almost every promoter he works with. But the deejay needs to reevaluate is life. 

He needs to change his management team because obviously they have no idea what they are doing. 

Secondly he needs to come off his high horse. He doesn't have that star power to attracted a larger audience. 

Finally, people are getting tired of hearing your last two song. 

Look at Kartel he's behind bars and every month he has a hit song, while you are out here bitching. 

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