Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Update: Tension In Community Where Entertainer Shawn Cutty Was Murdered

The death of dancehall Shawn Cutty has cause tension in one close knit community has friends and family of the deejay are retaliating. 

The artist was stabbed on September 19 and scrambled to his death the following day. 

The perpetrator Jahvaughn Box, is currently behind bars? But numerous stories about what happened before the incident and after is coming to light.

Before the stabbing:

The artist was receiving threat from the accused on Facebook saying he was going to killed the deejay, the ex-girlfriend then himself. 

The artist ignore the threat and didn't take it seriously while his family and friends warn him to leave the girl. 

The female: 

From our understanding the family has a history of telling lies on people and putting them behind bars. 

After the stabbing:

The perpetrator, after his mother take him into the police station is claiming that the knife belong to the deejay, even though the knife is still not found. 

The deejay friends are retaliating. According to source, they have bomb a vehicle that refuses to take the injured deejay to the hospital has well has bombing a house belonging to the accused family. 

There is also reports that someone was in the house but there hasn't been any confirmation of whether that is true. 

The female that's in the middle of it all has run away with her mother due to the retaliation. 

There has been numerous intervention between both families by Councillors to prevent any further incident between the two but so far no such luck. 

We will keep you updated. 

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