Saturday, November 7, 2015

Student Stab In Head Over Missing Coin

A man is charged with with attempted murder after he stab his former friend in the head over missing coins. 
The accused Brian Burke, 22, attacked his friend with a stone an another sharp object.
During his court appearance the accused pleads not guilty. 
According to Burke, he knows nothing about the attack. 
"Your honour, I don't know anything about this. I was asked to accompany him (complainant) to the police station because they wanted to beat him because he was accused of stealing from my uncle. We went to the station and that was where I last saw him until I heard that I attacked him."
The complainant however claims the accused is lying. 
"I went to his house and saw some of the coins. He told me he would take me to where the rest was and a suh we end up inna the hills and him stab mi inna mi head,". 
This is not the first time Burke has been accused of wounding someone. 
He was remanded in custody until December 2.

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