Saturday, December 12, 2015

British Rapper Stuck In Jamaica Due To ISIS

The British diva Lady Leshurr is currently stuck at the airport in Jamaica due to issue with the Anerican government.

The artist has been in Jamaica for a few days now shooting a video with reggae singer Gyptian. 

Majority of her fans already knew she was there since they went to meet her. 

You might have a chance of meeting her if you have a plane ticket are you are able to sneak pass custom. 

She issued an apology to her fans who are waiting to see her perform. 

The entertainer issued a apology to her fans in the U.S. Apologizing for the postpone on her upcoming show. 

"I'm lost for words. Got to the airport and everything. Absolutely gutted. I'm so sorry to the people that was heading there it's TOTALLY out of my control. They have no reason to not let me on but I've been refused amongst others. A "selection" of people if you know what I mean. America is crazy atm. I don't have the best of luck at all!! Now unfortunately I'm stuck in Jamaica until further notice. Once again I'm sorry and I will update you on the new date for the new year". 

Until then check out her song 

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