Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Dancehall Artist Mace "Tattooing Sclera Was For Attention"

A few days after Alkaline released a image of him not wearing his famous contact. Dancehall artist Mace responded to his own eye contacts gimmick. 

In 2014, a picture of him went viral with one of his eye bandage because he was going blind after tattooing the sclera of his eyes. Turns out it wasn't true, it was only a gimmick to get attention. 

According go the artist. “I think it’s time I come forward and speak the truth, I don’t want my career or opinions being based upon any artist of this genre. I followed someone but it wasn’t intentional. 2013 a certain Artist tattooed the sclera of his eyes and everyone accepted it but no one followed. Approximately 1year after I did the same but it was never for hype, Just gimmicks,”
He continued to explain how he came up with the idea. 
“Trying to put them in, I only got in one side leaving the other side out. Immediately an idea came to me to just pretend that I was going blind and that’s what I did and snapped a picture and posted it to social media (Facebook). I honestly never expected any hype or needed any hype but sad to say, the hype came! Within 4hrs of the picture being posted I received emails, messages and good/bad reactions from people in Europe & Jamaica,” said Mace. 
After the photo went viral, he was seen in numerous headlines in the Caribbean.
“I saw the reaction and the buzz and anxiously ran with the hype. Now that I got this bit of fame from doing this stunt everyone and their parents wants tattoo eyes. After a while I felt fed up and tired of the lenses because I never planned for the hype and planned to gain anything from it.
Receiving bad & good comments from people, some saying I followed a certain artist made me wanting to get rid of this eye story even more. Everyone is wearing these contact lenses & trying after the hype and it messing with our music, 7 years ago hype never buss no artist and now hype is the gate way instead of being a good artist. Lyrics and creativity should be the foundation of music not hype. I accept that I helped to contribute to the nonsense of our generation but I’m on human and we all make mistakes,” - Mace. 

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