Friday, December 11, 2015

Etana And Manager Getting Sue For Failing To Return Money For A Show She Was Booked For But Didn't Show Up

Etana and her manager/husband are in the process of getting sued by Tina Chin better known has blogeye and Zion Kids foundation after paying the entertainer to perform at her Gala for charity held on November 27, 2015.

According to Chin, on the day of the event Etana manager text the president of Zion Kids Foundation that since the event isn't for charity (even though it was) that the entertainer will not show up along with some other disrespectful statement. Even though she didn't perform the manager and the singer kept the money and refusing to reimburse the organization.

Agreement between Manager and Tina


After singer and manager took payment but didn't show up:

The manager respond to Tina Chin and the organization by telling them "Go Suck Ur Mumma" and the following text below.

Text message and agreement between Etana Manager who controls her phone and the organizer Tina Chin.

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