Monday, December 7, 2015

Mother And Child Desperate Plea For Help

This little boy that God has placed across my path. His name is Andre and he is retarded and has a range of medical issues. Due to an issue with his spine he is unable to stand, walk or sit up. Thus his mother has to take him everywhere in her arms. 

Due to the fact that he gets bigger every day this is becoming increasingly difficult. Andre, because his mother is unable to find money to take him to the hospital on a regular basis, has become susceptible to a number of diseases and infections. 

The other day he had fungal infection in his mouth. The family is in desperate need of help as the place where they live is not conducive to a comfortable life. 

They have to buy water from neighbors because they have no access to running water in their home. Sometimes the mother, Patrine, has to walk from her home in Spring Garden to as far as Stanton Road in Morant bay (Approximately 1 and a half hours away by foot) to get water for the family's domestic needs.

Also because the family lives in a one room house, they all sleep on one mattress, which is soaked through with urine. The baby also has to sleep on the mattress as there is no other place for him to sleep. Without aid he will soon develop bed soars. The family has no source of income apart from the path programme which they receive every two months. They have to rely on the generosity of friends and neighbors because of this most times they go to sleep hungry especially the baby. I want to help them. I want to help make there lives more comfortable, more bearable I will be at the house on saturday to help clean up. Donations of any kind is welcome. Money, Food, Matresses, Pampers anything. Help put a smile on their face this christmas. 

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