Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Shauna Chin Capitalized On Abused Attention With Single

Less than six hours of accusing Gully Bop of trying to kill her, Shauna Chin began promoting her single.

                                                          Right now Kanye is like 

Earlier today, the singer upload a video showing Gully Bop covered in blood surrounding her car.  She claim the "Bad Like Mi" artist was trying to killed her. 

Gully Boo has denied the accusation. Less than a hour ago she upload a video of her singing, trying to gain sympathy from the public, which completely backfired on her. Her followers have accused her of being a gold digger, w***e, liar, attention seeker and for using the incident and Boo to future her career. 

Check out the hastags and the comments they are the most entertaining. 

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