Thursday, December 31, 2015

Shauna Chin Who The Man Holding Up The Goodies? (Audios Inside)

Chin who is the man holding up the goodies?

While Chin is busy doing her, Bop is in the studio recording. 

So far since the incident, the artist has record two songs aiming at his former fiancée, Wonda Woman and Delilah. In both songs he referred to the incident that happens last Tuesday. 

(Delilah) This gyal wicked like Ishawana/she never loyal like Joe and Toya. Before mi pull deh door meh get a bad padlock/ Straight pon meh back Gully Bop Drop. Woieee

(Eng) The girl is wicked like Ishawna/She was never loyal like Joe and Toya. Before i open the door, I got a padlock/Straight on my back Gully Bop drop. 

(Wonda Woman) “Everywhere yuh see people yuh push up yuh self // Everywhere yuh see man yuh a jump up yuh self // Everywhere  yuh see crowd yah crowd up yuh self // yuh likkle wonda woman // yuh yiy too tall, yuh yiy all a see tru wall // girl yuh nuh see yuh too damn smutty // that’s why yuh life dutty dutty // mucky mucky // wonda woman”

(Eng) Everywhere you see people you insert yourself/Everywhere you see a man you involved yourself/Everywhere you see crowd you follow the crowd/ You little wonder woman/Your too greedy/Girl your too smutty/Thats why your life is dirty/dirty/wonder woman.

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