Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Vybz Kartel Accused Of Attempting To Break Out Of Prison

If it's not one thing, it's another with incarcerated dancehall entertainment Vybz Kartel. He's now being accused of trying to flee prison. We believe it's time they leave the entertainment alone. 

The deejay is being accused of trying to break out of prison. According to multiple media source,  there was a heated gun battle between armed Gun men and the security forces where the deejay is being held in attempt to break Vybz Kartel free from prison.

Apparently, around 12:00 midnight a mini bus pulled up at the correctional facility and a group of men highlighted from the vehicle with machine guns and began their assault on the prison guards who had to make a hasty retreat due to he caliber bullets being fired at them. We are told that a call for help was made and currently there is a stand off between the men and the law enforcers. During this so called battles, the source also reported that bottle touches were also used. 
So we have no idea where this report began, but there isn't any truth to it. 

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