Sunday, March 27, 2016

A'mari Opens Up On "On Stage", Discuss Molestation, Adultery And Gully Bop

So who saw the "On Stage" interview featuring A'Mari?

Watching the interview she might not be a complete idiot, however, she is completely narcissistic and a psychological liar. Her so call stories could be a plot on a Lifetime series.

She gave us a glimpse into her personal life, including being molested at 8 and 11 years-old, her 6 children being taken away from her has a child, get adultery husband, being homeless, people working against her and why she study law and psychology. 

She's the CEO of her record, which focuses on herself. 

During the interview Winfred even throw a little shade "that's what she sound like". 

A'mari, due to her being molestwd at a tender age she decide to study law in order to "help others children being molested" and also went on to study psychology to help understand "what happens to her" referring to her molestation, because therapy wasn't an option. 

When discussing how her children where taken from her she wasn't being truthful at all. In stars she make up some stories that didn't add up. According to A'mari, 15-20 years ago she had her children taken away from her. She also claims that  she haven't seen her children in 15 years but in another part of the interview she claims that she didn't have contact with them during the adoption process but they were  able to tell her things such has "people telling them, they were going to be in a foster home". 

At one point she also claims that she was homeless with her children, are these another set of children because from our understanding the first set of children's were taken away. 

Her story has so many layers it doesn't add up. 

When discussing her relationship with Gully Bop, two days after denying that she was in a relationship with Gully Bop, she claims that she was in a relationship with Bop to Winford. 

What we learn from the interview is:
1. She's a damage woman
2. She's narcissistic 
3. She needs help mentally and psychologically 
4. She's a radio star, producer, CEO, psychologist, mentor, grandmother, songwriter, victim of molestation, homeless, ex-wife, child of good, author and jamaican. 
5. She's a liar

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