Sunday, March 20, 2016

Chronixx Turned Away From Blues In The Green Concert

Reggae artiste, Chronixx, was left frustrated after he was turned away from the VIP entrance of ‘Blues on the Green’ concert last Friday. 
The artiste arrived at the US embassy’s free concert around nine o’clock was  frustrated as members of his entourage sought to get him get into the venue.
According to the female officer, she was just following instruction not to let anyone in without an armband "I am sorry my instructions are not let anyone without an armband in."
One bystander who was also waiting to get into the contest was heard yelling “Yuh nuh see seh a Chronixx." which caught the attention of the security who proceed to get official from the embassy. 
Chronixx, waited for a few minutes, then was seen strolling away, while a security guard yelled at him to come back, however, it was too late.
The Blues on the Green was a free concert held at Emancipation Park in honour of African American history month.

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