Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dancehall Artiste Setup Tent Outside Irie FM

Dancehall singer Ikon D Link is at it again and this time, IRIE FM is his target.

After pulling a stunt two years ago by climbing a ZIP FM radio tower and threatened to jump if one of his new singles wasn't played on air. He is doing a similar stunt by camping in an open lot across IRIE FM until his music is played.

According to the artist, "Mi have a new song called Make a Wish weh mi know the whole world a go love, so mi come down to Ocho Rios fi promote it," 
In the end, his music wasn;t played but he was able to get an interview. He was told to leave the lot after police arrived but he refused to do so.
"Look here, mi nah move, the police dem a tell me say if white tourists get rob inna the area, dem a go know say a me, so mi caan stay there, but mi nah obstruct pedestrians, mi nah obstruct traffic, and mi nah move, mi nah trouble no one. What kinda racism this a gwaan inna the country? If a white tourist did waan camp out here in front of IRIE FM, dem wouldn't harass me," said Ikon

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