Monday, March 14, 2016

Dancehall Entertainer Versatile Accused Of Plagiarism By Fellow Artist

Dancehall entertainer Versatile, real name Sheldon Taylor is accused of plagiarizing fellow entertainer Ryzin, real name Damion Livingston.

The song in question is "Tek Mi Picture by Ryzin" and "Tek Yuh Picture by Versatile".

According to Ryzin, Versatile "theft (sic) is song and he is going to sue.

Ryzin also provided proof that he copyright his song through ASCAP, but when we check the US Copyright Office there isn't any information that the song was registered, however, the entertainer is adamant that he is going to sue and advice Versatile to stop stealing "the youth dem song".

Versatile song Tek Yuh Picture was recently released and is getting lots of airplay, while Ryzin released his single last year. 

The line that started the accusation is "Tek mi picture, Tek mi picture, Tek mi picture" song by Ryzin and "Tek yuh picture, Tek yuh picture, Tek yuh picture" by Versatile. Both of the songs have a similar flow but the words "yuh' was used instead of "Mi". That's the only similarity between the two.

When we spoke to Ryzin, he had a lot to say even getting defensive at one point in the conversation.

0:34 Ryzin version 3:14 Versatile version

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