Monday, March 14, 2016

Gully Bop Girlfriend "I Have 13 Kids Because I Was Rape", Offering To Do Sextape

Dancehall singer A'mari, Gully Bop girlfriend is clearly an unstable woman.

The singer recently went on a rant about Shauna Chin, ex-girlfriend of Gully Bop on her Facebook page. In almost all of her rants she curse Chin for stealing Gully Bop furniture. She also refused to perform at Sting with Shauna Chin (not has if she was invited to begin with). She diss even went has far has dissing Chin Brit Jam outfit and even Chin boyfriend.

When she finally gives poor little Chin a break, she admit that she has 13 kids and the fact that she was raped at 14-years-old which is the reason why she has 13 kids. 

When one follower ask her "if she was rape 13 times? instead of answering she told the follower to get her soon to be publish book. Whether she's telling the truth are not we don't know. 

And to end her rant she is offering to do a sextape with Gully Bop for $1000,000. Yep. Just image the damage she could do to little Bop and just for giggles invest in that sextape. Invest, invest in that sextape like you haven't invest on anything in your life. 

Speaking of sextape, apparently someone is shopping around one of her. After all she is "sexy". 

It's quite obvious that she is either doing this for attention or she has some mental issue. Either way, Gully Bop needs to run for the hills. 

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